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queen of spades

i  completed this painting in the late months of 1996 through early 1997.  a friend and i had moved to the sun valley and were working different schedules, him days and i was working nights.  i would return, turn on the radio and work on this until the sun came up.  it took me about 100 hours.  the image is a jumble of playing cards that were laying around the apartment, but on a grand scale (six feet tall).  the frame was built by woodworker duane patricio of portland in early 2006.



after world war 2 my grandfather's youngest brother harry attended college at the university of maine in orono. as a late admittee, he was forced to find off-campus housing, so he and his 3 brothers built a 12 by 12 dwelling which he lived in over the course of the next four years. after graduation, they split the thing in two, drove it forty miles north-east, boated 3 1/2 miles down nicatous lake and reassembled it on a patch of land just west of darlings cove. since i was a kid i have enjoyed the extreme solitude and great fishing of this wonderful lake, and that was the inspiration for this 26 x 60 inch painting, the fourth in a series of four i painted in the spring of 2000.

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